Contemporary creativity in an ancient tradition

Kleanthis Moustakas creates mosaics in natural stone in his workshop in the village of Gialia, hidden in an unspoilt valley in the Paphos district of western Cyprus. He has studied the ancient art and craft of Cyprus both on the island and further afield, in Greece and the UK. His skills include icon painting and stonemasonry, but in recent years he has concentrated on mosaics, using his knowledge of the myths and legends of the ancient Greek civilisation as the inspiration for his work.

Kleanthis' approach is to use the authentic materials employed by Roman, Hellenic and medieval artists. He searches for unusual and contrasting natural colours in the stone that can be found on the island and even his backings and cements include natural materials like seaweed and terracotta.

Beautiful practical art from Cyprus

Kleanthis makes large scale mosaics for public buildings, but also many smaller works like this striking mosaic of seahorses to an original design. These can be made into a table, firescreen or other item of furniture with the addition of a wrought iron or wooden frame, or set into external or internal walls, or into a floor. They are extremely hard wearing and will be lending your home a distinctive identity for many years to come. To make an enquiry, use the contact details below, and in the meantime click here to learn more about Kleanthis, or if you want to see more of his beautiful, authentic work, click here.

Portrait of an artist - and an island

Kleanthis' personal history mirrors that of Cyprus. He was born in 1958 in Kyrenia, on the northern shores of the island, one of a family of eight. When Kleanthis was only 16, Cyprus became divided and Kleanthis had to leave for the south. More recently he has made his temporary home in Gialia, a village vacated by Turkish Cypriots fleeing north at the same time as Kleanthis moved south.

In April of 2003, with Cypriots suddenly once again able to cross between north and south, Kleanthis saw his old family home again after 29 years. He had an emotional welcome from old and new Turkish Cypriot friends and in turn, two weeks later, he met the previous inhabitants of Gialia who returned searching for their old homes.

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Contact information

Contact Kleanthis by post or email to make further enquiries about his work or to talk about commissioning a mosaic.

Postal address

PO Box 66202, 8831 Polis Chrysochous, Paphos, Cyprus



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